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Snappy Interviews: 100 Questions to Ask Oracle DBAs  



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The Art & Science of Oracle Performance Tuning

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Fire Them All!  Was Steve Jobs right?  New!


how to find historical disk i/o    


how to give a bad presentation! (ppt)    


ten performance lessons (ppt)    


Why is Flashback Query Slow? (pdf)    


Ten Surprising Performance Tactics (pdf)  


Ten Surprising Performance Tactics (power point)  


Extreme Performance Tuning (NoCoug Presentation)  

Oracle RAC: Finding the Resource Master  


Oracle Performance Tuning on RAC versus Single-Node : What’s the Difference?  

Overview of GoldenGate Replication by Brian Keating  

How to use RAC Parallel Instance Groups  

Automatic SGA Resizing--Watch Out! 

RAC Performance Tuning: Is RAC Like "Bolt-on Power?" 

Performance Tuning--A Matter of Life & Death? 

SHA-1 Data Encryption for Oracle 9i 

Professional Networking for IT Consultants 

Oracle Streams Performance 

Oracle Streams white paper by Brian Keating  In-Depth Analysis!   Streams Spot Check  

Oracle Streams Powerpoint (Brian Keating/Chris Lawson)  

Introduction to Oracle Spatial by Richard Flores  

Different Ways to Find Unused Indexes  

Why doesn't the Index Order Matter?  

Is my System Really Available 24x7?  

Calculate Range Partitions using Ntile   

Performance Tips for Batch Jobs   

The Mystery of "Null" Wait Events

Writing a Book about Oracle: Art or Science

A Puzzle: When are Nested-Loop Joins Free?

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Intelligent Enterprise, February 21, 2002

The Power of Prototyping (case study of DigitalThink's data warehouse)

"IOUG-A LIVE" 2002 and Oracle OpenWorld 2002

Chris Lawson & Roger Schrag:
Don’t Shut Down That Database! Use Oracle 9i Online Object Redefinition Instead!

White Paper Power point Presentation

Chris Lawson: Don’t Settle for Mere Competence - Be the Magician!

White Paper Power point Presentation

Prepared for High Technology Careers

Database Trends and Applications

  • Prototype Strategy for Data Warehouse

IOUG-A Select Magazine

Northern Calif Oracle User’s Group (NOCOUG) Journal

Exploring Oracle (requires subscription)

  • Make Oracle Available 24x7 with Veritas Cluster Server
  • Materialized View and Query Rewrite
  • Composite Partitioning, Part I and II

Oracle Internals (requires subscription)

  • Exploring Oracle 9i Online Reorganizations
  • Star versus Star Transformation
  • Exploring Oracle LogMiner
  • Performance Tuning using Oracle's Database Resource Manager

Oracle Informant

Power Point Presentations for NoCOUG

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